Sunday, 31 March 2013



The Hun's Yellow Pages has been around since 1995 so they must be doing something right. The site is fairly basic and is update daily with around 100 new galleries. The galleries are listed in text form but you can opt to view thumbnails instead. Three days worth of galleries are listed on the opening page and after that you can choose a particular date from the galleries at the bottom of the page. If you click on the link for THE DUNGEON you will be able to access their galleries for the last ten years or so which must add up to a good few thousand galleries.
The site also has a basic search feature but there are no category pages at all and picture and movie galleries are all listed mixed up together. The movies are also all of the 30 second clip variety which have to be downloaded and played on your own media player which I personally find a bit annoying.
All in all it is an average site and is not worth the effort if you are only interested in movies. Video Games from Japanese, Korean, Asian and American origin.

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